Danielle & Tom

HIRE. THEM. NOW. Chelsea & Adam are two wonderful human beings who happen to also be fantastically talented photographers. We were frantically searching for photographers six months before our wedding, trying to find someone who could commit to our small ceremony and larger reception, planned on two different dates in two different states. Needless to say, it was a tough spot to fill. Then we found Dual Edge! We met with Adam & Chelsea via Skype and instantly knew we found the right people. They were warm and knowledgeable, and helped us figure out our real vision for our wedding photos (honestly just needed to look cool rather than our usual awkward state). We booked them immediately and it was the best decision we made. Being two people who have an easier time making funny faces rather than being serious, our photos came out looking amazing. Our engagement photos, wedding ceremony shots, and reception candid photos are absolutely perfect - natural, wacky, and just the right amount of serious without looking posed or forced. We had so much fun hanging out with these two, and they will go to great lengths to put together some really badass photos (light effects, colored smoke, firecrackers - whatever makes you look awesome in the moment). Their editing skills take this to a whole other level. We were so happy to have found Dual Edge and to have worked with them. Seriously, you need them in your life. Thank you Chelsea & Adam for everything!!! <3


Tina & Jim

The market is completely flooded with photographers and sometimes it is hard to begin the search. I knew from the moment I was engaged I wanted one photographer and that was Dual Edge Photography. Their photos are amazingly artsy and completely cutting edge in the wedding game. Thier whole goal is to capture your best moments and they will stand on chairs, lie on their backs, or stand out on a beach in the rain like they did for my wedding just to make thier client happy. We had a wonderful mixture of both traditional and non-traditional photo styles (including me at bat in a baseball field in front of a blue smoke bomb) -- I love the dedication this husband and wife team has to making sure pictures are perfect. HIGHLY recommend!!!


Emilee & Robby

THE ABSOLUTE BEST! I am so incredibly happy to have chosen Dual Edge to capture my big day! They were able to take my vision and bring it to life with their pictures. They were more than detailed in the planning process to make sure the photos I wanted were to be captured and boy did they deliver! My family cannot stop talking about how amazing Dual Edge was and how much they loved our photos. My sister loved them just as much as I did and booked them for her own wedding. Thank you Dual Edge for capturing the best day of my life!


Michele & Gordon

It’s been a few months since our wedding but it was important to us that we share our experience working with Chelsea and Adam at Dual Edge Photography. When choosing a photographer, or any other artist for your wedding, it’s important that you both have the same vision for the event. It only took one visit with Chelsea and Adam for us to know that they were who we wanted to capture our day. When you review a photographers work it should not take much time to determine if the artist has the eye and the style your looking for; that’s the easy part. We reviewed their work online and at their studio and we encourage you to do the same, it speaks for itself. The more challenging part is ensuring that you and your artist are on the same page and have the same expectations for your event. This is where Chelsea and Adam rise above the rest. They were so easy to work with, so genuinely excited to be a part of our event that we really didn’t have to think about it…we just knew that they were going to capture what we wanted and do it very, very well. Having that kind of confidence in a vendor on your wedding day is priceless…one less thing to stress over, I’ll take it. Chelsea and Adam work as a team, they compliment each other in style and vision and the work they produce is outstanding. If your considering Dual Edge for your event based on their photos we encourage you to call them, speak with them, meet with them, that’s when you will know that they are right for you, that’s when we knew.


Alison & Colin

Can't say enough great things about Dual Edge. Such wonderful people and they are so enthusiastic about their craft. They have unique ideas for making your pictures awesome. So wonderful to work with every step of the way. Our photos are beautiful. So happy we chose them to capture the memories of our very special day!


Brittany & Jason

I couldn’t of wished for a better fit for our wedding. Chelsea and Adam were so much fun to work with, we absolutely recommend them! Their work is incredible! We love our pictures so much! Book today!!

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