About Us

We are Chelsea and Adam Morgan

Wedding photography by Dual Edge Photography

We're a husband and wife photography duo. We're each other's person. This is ride or die. This shit is REAL.

We are also:

PS4 players. Angry Orchard drinkers. Artists. Theater-goers. Tattoo owners. Night Owls. Dog parents. Superhero lovers. Netflix bingers, Museum enthusiasts. Science documentary obsessed. Steve Aoki jammers. Dreamers. Pillow talkers. Pokemon catchers (still). Autumn chasers. Hookah smokers. 

But, most of all, we're photographers and we like spending our time doing mostly that.

Photography with us is different. It's important. It's the way we tell any story. It's what we know.​

With us, you're not just getting images. You're getting a whole ass experience. You have ALL of us - our minds, our soul, our talents, our time. 

Why? Because photography doesn't mean much if there's no connection or heart. We'll always believe that.

You deserve photographs that matter - and so do we. We all deserve that wind-in-your-hair, summer nights, running through a field type of bliss. We all deserve to take risks and embrace adventure. We all deserve images that show you LIVING.

Life is way too short to experience it passively.


Head shot photography by Dual Edge Photography



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